Dodge 2002 Ram Tailgate Project

With the long tailgate, the trick was to get the image on the tailgate without a lot of graphite and time drawing.

I used an old opaque projector to lay out the basic details in PPG white on the tailgate.

Color was added in several passes, adding more detail, and working up the shadows and leaving as much light tones as possible. PPG's Maroon was added to rocks, and HOK Pagan Gold was used for the starting color for the skeleton.

Another color pass. The rocks were made darker with a mix of PPG Maroon & Violete. A HOK Kandy Rootbeer was used to darken the shadows and add depth to the skeleton.

The background was enhanced. More color was added, darkening shadows, and adding details. Another pass for deep shadows and hot spots. Then some gas leaks, and some burning rocks... Add clear coat! and bake!