Airbrush Pricing

Al's Airbrush & Photography specializes in custom airbrush artwork for many different applications. There are several things to consider where pricing is involved. The difficulty of the project and the time required are the largest issues. Below are the basic steps:

1. Gather information. (tailgate, motorcycle, helmet, - basic colors, rough design ideas etc.) Digital photos of the truck or motorcycle are a great place to start. Also rough sketches of possible design ideas if available.

2. Will the project need a mockup/test panel? Is the design fairly simple and the color scheme basic? If so, a test panel will not be needed. If the design is complex, and the client is quite specific about certain colors, then a test panel is a good idea... (A mockup panel can be done for a small fee, digital mockup based on digital photos can also done for a small fee)

3. A quote is worked up based on the above information. A percentage of the quote is required before starting work on any project. Usually 30% of the quoted price. The balance is due upon completion/delivery of the project.

4. Start work: emblem removal, sanding, paint prep, primering, basecoat....

5. Progress will be photographed and sent via email, or can be posted as a progress page on the website...